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How many years' warranty do the products have?

According to the European Union warranty rules, we can offer a 2-year warranty for individuals and a 1-year warranty for companies and businesses.However, the duration of the warranty can be determined by the manufacturer.


How quickly do we handle warranty cases?

Warranty cases will be investigated once reported and we will respond within 48 hours to advise what further action is required depending on the case.


Which cases are covered by the warranty?

We can only provide a guarantee if the product you have purchased has been used as intended or if it is not a failure due to wear and tear of a wear part.


What is the procedure for a warranty claim?

After notification, we will assess what to do about the warranty case.

We will report the problem to the manufacturer and, once we have the information we need to solve the problem, we will take action within 14 days of the manufacturer's feedback. 

This time may be affected by factors such as the purchase of parts for warranty repairs.


In the interest of speeding up the repair, we may request our customer to perform a simple parts replacement, which part(s) will be provided by Agrohof Kft. 

This is done by prior arrangement and without loss of warranty. 

In order to identify the problem as easily and in detail as possible, Agrohof Kft. may ask the customer to provide pictures or moving images.


In which cases is there a premature loss of warranty?

The warranty will be lost prematurely in cases where the product is not used for its intended purpose, and if the machine is rebuilt and this is not agreed and approved in writing in advance. 


Does the guarantee include the possibility of on-site repair?

On-site repair may be carried out in cases where the repair requires it or where the repair process cannot be carried out in any other way. 

In order to speed up the repair process, the process is carried out at the Agrohof Kft site where the warranty situations in question can be established.

If it is deemed that the repair is outside of the warranty, the cost of this will be borne by the customer. The customer is also responsible for the loading and unloading process. 

In order to speed up the process, Agrohof Kft. may request that the customer, after the defect has been corrected, collect the repaired product from the premises.


Who is responsible for the delivery of the repaired product?

In the interest of speed of service, it is the responsibility of the customer to deliver the product to or from the site if requested to do so by Agrohof Kft. The customer is responsible for the loading and unloading of the product.


Does the guarantee cover surface rust?

The development of surface rusting and defects is strongly influenced by climatic, weather and other external factors, therefore Agrohof Kft. is not able to consider this type of problem as a warranty case.


Does the warranty also cover wearing parts?

Agrohof Kft. does not offer a guarantee for wear parts, their replacement and any resulting failures are the responsibility of the customer.


Why is there only a 1-year warranty on most machines?

The duration of the warranty is defined by the manufacturers.

This is not at the discretion of Agrohof Kft, which is the reason why most products come with a 1 year warranty.


What parts are covered by the warranty?

The warranty covers all factory parts that are not considered wear parts. Non-factory or wear parts are not covered by our warranty.


How long does it take to report a failure?

Agrohof Kft. strongly encourages its customers to report any failure or problem immediately after it occurs, as this is the fastest way to investigate the warranty case and correct the problem.

If you continue to use the faulty or problematic product despite this, it will be considered as improper use and will invalidate the warranty.


Is the warranty not invalidated if I install the product by myself?

No, the customer is responsible for the installation process. If there are any problems with the installation or commissioning, please report them!


How do we determine whether or not the product is under warranty?

Agrohof Kft. may ask the customer to forward to it pictorial and moving image material. In the first instance, we will examine the problem description, pictures and videos sent with the notification and forward them to the manufacturer. If these are not sufficient to determine the warranty, the problem will be investigated on the premises of Agrohof Kft. and the warranty case will be assessed on this basis.


How does the buyback process work?

If a buyback situation occurs, it is only available for new, unused products. Agrohof Kft. is not responsible for the cost of the return. If a used machine is returned, the price of the machine will be refunded at a reduced price according to the degree of use.